Personal Mood Chart Journal

Mood Charting on Paper with Personal Mood Chart Journal:

Personal Mood Chart Journal

Personal Mood Chart Journal 

Personal Mood Chart Journal: (171 Page Journal)

For Self-Help

What is Mood Chart Journal?

A Mood Charting Journal is a personal information record which allows you to keep track of your daily health.  The journal allows you to record thoughts, symptoms, medicines, sleep patterns and information about any medical conditions or illness.  Some therapists recommend maintaining a journal or a mood chart journal.

What is Mood Charting?

Mood Charting is the act of charting your personal health for self-help purposes.  A mood chart has several useful purposes, one of which is to provide your therapists with an actual record of your moods and how they varied over a period of time.  Mood charting is a good way to record events chronologically and will help you report your mood and symptoms to your therapists more efficiently.  After a few months, the mood chart can be a useful tool for looking into the future.  Once you begin to track your mood and become accustomed to the chart, you will find it very quick and simple to enter information each day.

Is this book for me?

If you have an illness or condition chances are you have been asked or have at least thought about tracking your health. Tracking your health allows you to better pinpoint where you're at and where you're possibly going. Having a long history of tracked health can give you a richer picture of your own health. Having an accurate chronological history of your tracked health can give you a richer picture of your own health.

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